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Fix Outlook Error 0X800CC80

How To Fix Outlook Error 0X800CC80

MS Outlook is widely used by users for personal use, business communication and for keeping record of emails at corporate sectors. But some user's complaint about abnormal behavior of Outlook and different type of error messages while working with mailbox data that does not permit them to access any of the PST file components. One of the common error messages that users observe is "Outlook error 0X800CC80" that does not permit them to send email to other users. Read more

Recover a Deleted Outlook Folder

How to Recover a Deleted Outlook Folder

In order to manage space in MS Outlook application, many users regularly delete unwanted emails from the application. This not only helps to improve Outlook application performance, but also stops the Outlook storage file from being prone to corruption. You too might have done this, and later realized that unfortunately you have deleted some crucial emails. This might have also urged you to search for methods to get back the deleted email items. Read more

Outlook Prompting For Password

Outlook Is Prompting For Password

As we all know that MS Outlook is widely used as an email client across the globe. In most of the cases, MS Outlook does work smoothly but sometimes due to issues like bugs or error occurs. One of the most common errors is – Outlook asking for user name or password and even both sometimes. An error tends to bug users, which makes them look for solutions. We have put an end to one such search here by offering a number of resolutions that can be applied to work for easily getting rid of errors concerning login credentials. Read more

Outlook Backup via Backup Tool

How to Create Microsoft Outlook Backup via Backup Tool

Microsoft Outlook Backup is a free add-in for Outlook and you can get it from the official website of Microsoft. This add-in helps to create a backup of an Outlook database automated way. You just need to define a few settings for it and data will automatically get start saving. Read more

Disable Hardware Graphics Acceleration

Disable Hardware Graphics Acceleration in MS Outlook 2013

Hardware Graphic Acceleration - this feature is supposed to improve the performance of MS Outlook. It seems, in most of the cases that user get acquainted with common Outlook problems like freezing, malfunctioning, Outlook hanging problem, blurred text, cursor hangs randomly, etc. The one possible reason behind the occurrence of this issue is enabled Hardware Graphic Acceleration. Read more

Outlook Error 0x800CCC0E

A Technical Perspective On Microsoft Outlook Error 0x800CCC0E

While working on Microsoft Outlook which is configured with an IMAP account, you may encounter with Microsoft Outlook Error 0x800CCC0E. A similarly appearing error message may reflect on the screen. Read more

Outlook Incoming Mails Disappear

Why Outlook Incoming Mails Disappear

In most of the cases, it seems that Microsoft Outlook users faced some errors. However, sometimes they get troubled by an issue called "Outlook Incoming Mails automatically got Disappear after receiving". Actually, this happen with the user receives a new email from the recipient side and after sometime or we can say after a few seconds, the email gets disappeared automatically from Outlook Inbox Folder. Read more

Outlook Error 0x800ccc13 in Window 10

How to Fix Outlook Error 0x800ccc13 in Window 10

After installing Window 10, Microsoft Outlook can receive emails but unable to send emails. All the sent emails trapped into the Outlook Outbox Folder and showing an error message code: Error message: Sending reported error (0x800ccc13): 'Cannot connect to the network. Verify your Network connection or Modem'. Read more

Inbox Repair Tool

What is Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe)?

Inbox Repair Tool or scanpst.exe is a free software developed by Microsoft. This utility pre-installed in Microsoft Outlook. With the help of this Microsoft free tool, a user can repair corrupt Outlook items like Calendar, Journals, Contacts, Tasks, etc. and can also repair some Outlook errors, which occurred most of the time. Read more

Boost Up Microsoft Outlook Performance

How to Boost Up Microsoft Outlook Performance?

Sometimes, it seems that the most of the user get frustrated by the slow performance of Microsoft Outlook. In such a scenario, they need to know about some tips to increase the speed of Outlook. Here in my article, I am going to explain some tips through which the Outlook can be boosted. Read more

Print attachments without opening

Print Email Attachments without opening the message

If you want to print Outlook Email's attachment without open them, then let's look at various methods by which you can print multiple attachments in emails. Read more

Disable or Enable New Mail Notification

Disable or Enable New Mail Notification in Outlook

Sometimes we all see that a desktop alert notification appears whenever we get a new E-mail, Scheduled Meeting Request, assigned task request, etc. in Outlook. This desktop's alert/pop-up window is turn on in Outlook by default, but we can also customize it by manually. Here, in this article I am going to explain you that how can you modify these settings and enable or disable Outlook's notification pop. Read more

Enable or Disable Outlook Profile Prompt

Enable or Disable Outlook Profile Prompt

As we all know that Microsoft Outlook is an email client application which is mostly used to send/receive emails. So, most of the user configures multiple profiles in MS Outlook account. However sometimes user got confused in multiple profiles. So to overcome from this issue, you need to turn on 'Prompt for a profile to be used' option. After enabling this option, when you start Outlook, a dialog box will ask you to which profile you want to use. Let's start with Steps. Read more

Automatically Mark as Read

Outlook Automatically Mark as Read

In Microsoft Outlook, whenever you go through the Outlook Inbox emails and make a click on any email after that moves to another mail, then the previous one is automatically marked as read. However, you did not open that email or not read them thoroughly. To be ensure, whether an email would have been read by you or not, you need to marked every single email that you clicked. Obviously, you felt that this situation is quite confusing or irritating and practically it is very time consuming. To sort this issue, you have to make some changes in your Microsoft Outlook. Read more

Rebuild Search Index

Rebuild Search Index in Microsoft Outlook

When you are getting issue in Outlook Search Index especially while searching Outlook Emails and other items, then it might be possible that your Outlook search index is corrupt. So, to sort out this issue, you can try to rebuild Outlook Search Index. Read more

Outlook Opens in Safe Mode Only

Outlook Opening in Safe Mode Only

Whenever you open Microsoft Outlook 2010 under Windows 10, it always starts in safe mode. You have tried all possible solutions like Inbox Repair Tool (scanpst.exe), disabling add-ins, reset navigation pane, etc. but nothing happened and it still starts in safe mode.Read more

Prevent Duplicate sent items Gmail OL

How to Stop Duplicate Sent Emails in Outlook

Sometimes it seems that whenever users send message from Gmail account via Outlook, the sent messages appear twice in the sent items folder. That means the Sent Items folder is saving two copies of each sent mail.Read more

Prevent Duplicate sent items Gmail OL

Fix Outlook PST is not a Personal Folder File

MS Outlook is a preferred application to maintain communication on client level. Many times, when user opens Outlook email client in their system, an error message pop-ups on the system “Outlook PST is not a personal folder file.” This error message indicates that the non-existence of PST Read more

Cannot open default email folder

Cannot Open Your Default E-Mail Folders

Among the errors that occur in MS Outlook, one of which is “cannot open your default e-mail folders. The information store could not be opened". It may be confusing for user when they encounter this error message while trying to access their Outlook profile. The article will be describing the same Outlook error along with its possible causes and solution to troubleshoot the error.Read more

Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook

Resolved Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook Issue

Outlook generally comes with some common issues, which are faced by the users. One such error is that “can’t start MS Office Outlook. Cannot open Outlook Window.” These errors are generally faced in Outlook 2016, 2013 or 2010 editions. To overcome with the situation, there are some relevant solutions along with their common fixes Read more

Outlook Data File Cannot be Accessed

Outlook Data File Cannot be Accessed

Though Outlook is the commonly used Email platform in multiple number of organizations for its featured functionalities, users cannot avoid the errors that are associated with it. Among them, one of the error is encountered when user is unable to send or receive email in Outlook that displays the error message as following: “0x8004010F: Outlook data file cannot be accessed.” Read more

Outlook Error 0x800ccc0f

Outlook Error 0X800CCC0F

Microsoft Outlook is widely used email client that it is mainly used for sending or receiving email messages over the internet. Sometimes, when the Outlook user tries to send or receive an email then an Outlook Error 0x800ccc0f occurs. This error makes user Outlook profile inaccessible. ” Read more