Way to resolve Error “Outlook Data File cannot be accessed”

Though Outlook is the commonly used Email platform in multiple number of organizations for its featured functionalities, users cannot avoid the errors that are associated with it. Among them, one of the error is encountered when user is unable to send or receive email in Outlook that displays the error message as following: “0x8004010F: Outlook data file cannot be accessed.” The blog will be discussing about the same error and the possible solution to troubleshoot this error.

About the Error

Outlook data file cannot be accessed’ Error is the error that is caused by corrupted Outlook profile. Corruption mainly happens due to issues in synchronization of OST file. This error popup while user is trying to synchronize Offline Address Book (OAB) & perform send/receive operations, which involves downloading OAB files in an incorrectly configured Outlook profile. Other reasons for the occurrence of this error are:

How to troubleshoot the Error

Steps involved in resolving the Outlook error are as follows:

1. Determine the location of Outlook data file

  • Click on Start >> Control Panel
  • Go to Mail in the Control Panel Folder
  • In the Mail setup dialog box, select ‘Show Profiles’
  • Select the current Outlook profile & go to Properties
  • In the Mail setup popup, click on Data Files
  • Select the Data Files Tab in the Account Settings dialog box
  • Name & location of the default data file will be noted
  • Click on Close

2. Create a new Outlook Profile

i) Use auto account setup to create an IMAP or POP3 Email Account

If the mail server user has, supports both IMAP & POP3, auto account setup will create an IMAP account by default but for creation of POP3 account, manual steps needs to be followed. However, if the email server supports only a POP3 account, auto account setup will create POP3 account.

Steps for auto-account setup are as follows:

  • Go to Start >> Control Panel
  • Click on Mail and select Show Profiles in mail setup window
  • Click on Add option present in the Mail dialog box
  • Type a new profile name and click OK
  • Add the email account credentials and click Next
  • After successful configuration of the account, click on Finish

ii) Create an IMAP or POP3 email account manually

Steps involved for creating IMAP or POP3 email account are:

  • Click on Start >> Control Panel >> Mail
  • Select Show Profiles in the Mail Setup-Outlook
  • Click on Add option in the Mail dialog box
  • Type a name for the new profile and click OK
  • Select Manually Configure server settings or additional server types in Add New Account dialog box and click Next
  • In a new window for choosing service, Select Internet E-mail & click Next
  • Enter the account details in the Internet E-mail settings
  • To test the account, click on Test Account Settings
  • Select Existing Outlook data file and click on Browse
  • Select the Outlook data file that we have earlier located and click OK
  • Click on Next and select Close in the Test Accounts Settings
  • Click on Finish

3. Configuration of new Outlook profile as default profile

  • Go to Mail in the Control Panel folder
  • Select Always use this profile option in the Mail dialog box
  • Now, click on the new Outlook profile using drop down list
  • Click OK to close the Mail dialog box


The blog has discussed about one of the most common error faced by users of Outlook, due to which users are unable to send or receive their emails. The error “Outlook Data File cannot be accessed” is mainly due to the corruption of Outlook profile. The possible causes of the error and the solution to resolve this error has been defined in the blog.