How to Fix Outlook.pst is Not a Personal Folders file Error

MS Outlook is a preferred application to maintain communication on client level. Many times, when user opens Outlook email client in their system, an error message pop-ups on the system “Outlook PST is not a personal folder file.” This error message indicates that the non-existence of PST, i.e. personal file folders, which concludes that the PST data has been corrupted and cannot be accessed anymore. There are various reasons because of which PST files get corrupted and following segment discusses about the same.

Reasons for Occurrence of Error in PST

When the user receives an error, it becomes important for user to understand the exact reason behind such errors. With various events, it is clear that there are many reasons because of which PST files get corrupted. There are different reasons like server problem, corruption in mailbox data, virus attack, misconfigured system files, invalid username or password, corruption in Windows registry settings, etc. Even sometimes, user moves file from one medium to another, i.e. DVDs/CDs to backup disks, because of which error occurs. As discussed above, the causes for the error occurrence in PST files, the following section introduces relevant solutions of removing the error.

Methods to Resolve the Error Issue

Sometimes, the user faces an error of Outlook PST is not a personal folder file, because of which they are unable to use Outlook PST data. To resolve this error, there are two solutions as discussed below:

Solution 1:

To deal with the damaged PST files, users can utilize the inbuilt repair utility, i.e. Inbox Repair Tool (scanpst.exe). It easily scans damaged PST files and repairs it. There are some few steps given below, which helps to repair the damage PST by using scanpst.exe.

Click here to know step by step guide to run Inbox Repair Tool or Scanpst.exe:


Many times, the corruption is so simple that the affected PST files data is unaffected even after being managed by scanpst.exe. In return, the user still faces an error issue.

Solution 2:

To overcome with the limitation faced by the users, while utilizing an inbuilt solution, there is a tool namely, Outlook PST File Repair Tool. It simply repairs the damaged PST files data, irrespective of its corruption level. It maintains the reliability during the repairing procedure and does not flip the data at time of recovery. It provides an option to store the data to desired file format after recovery, i.e. PST, MSG, or EML.

Noteworthy Features:


In the above blog, there are two solutions discussed for resolving the occurrence of error, i.e. Outlook PST is not a Personal Folder File. In the first solution, the usage of inbuilt utility is discussed. However, it has some limitations. To overcome with the limitations of inbuilt utility, there is a second solution. In second solution, the usage of third party tool is discussed. It resolves all the PST file errors by providing various inbuilt features that are required by the users.