Learn to Fix an Error - Cannot Start Microsoft Office Outlook

Outlook generally comes with some common issues, which are faced by the users. One such error is that “can’t start MS Office Outlook. Cannot open Outlook Window” and Outlook stuck on processing while opening. These errors are generally faced in Outlook 2016, 2013 or 2010 editions. To overcome with the situation, there are some relevant solutions along with their common fixes, which are discussed below:

Appropriate Ways Along With Common Fixes

There are some solutions with common fixes to resolve the Outlook issues, helping users resolve the problem, which are faced by the users:

Solution 1:

1. Run Outlook in Safe Mode:

Many times the add-ins can conflict with MS Outlook, to remove this, simply restart Outlook in safe mode. By running Outlook in a safe mode, without add-ins loaded makes it easy for user to know if add-in is the problem.

Note:User must keep in mind that if user has enabled an ABBYY FineReader add-in then, outdated edition of the tool might create an Outlook startup error.

Now follow the steps given below, to run the Outlook in safe mode:

  • Select Start, then click on Run >> write outlook.exe /safe and select OK.
  • Agree the default settings of Outlook from the Choose Profile dialog box and click Ok.
  • Now enter your password and select Accept.

Tip: If the user is running an Outlook in a safe mode, then an Outlook icon will be displayed on the taskbar, which alerts that the program is in safe mode.

2. Disable add-ins:

  • Select the File menu from the taskbar, then click on Options and then select Add-ins.
  • Now at the View and manage Office Add-ins, make sure that the Manage box displays COM Add-ins and select Go.
  • As a safeguard, when the COM Add-ins listing the current add-ins displays, then follow any of the steps given below:
    • Manually, select the add-in, which is listed under Available Add-ins.
    • Take a screenshot of the sheet and store it at desired location.
  • Clear all the selected check boxes only after capturing the titles and then select OK.
  • Select File >> Exit.
  • Now restart the MS Outlook in your system.

Solution 2:

Make a New Profile in Outlook:

Sometimes, just a fresh start is the solution of a problem. Therefore, user can create a new MS Outlook profile by following the set of instructions stated below:

  • Open the Control Panel in your system >> Mail >> Data files >> Add
  • Select Data Files Tab in account settings then choose the new Outlook Profile and select the Set as Default.

Now, the user can import the entire original Outlook file in the newly created profile by simply following the importing process.

Solution 3:

Users can also reset the navigation pane as part of fixing the issue. By using the resetnavpane command, all customizations are removed thus resetting the navigation pane. This can be used to resolve your issue. If still the issue is not resolved, then you can comment below and an immediate response to your query shall be provided.

  • Press & hold start key + R
  • Type “outlook.exe /resetnavpane” and click OK.

Solution 4:

Repair your PST file, if the above-mentioned solution does not work in your case then, user can try an alternate method, i.e. run the Inbox Repair Tool (scanpst.exe) to easily scan the entire Outlook .pst file and repairs the error.